What is the Meaning of “Salary DOE?”

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While most salaries are offered at fixed rates or ranges, companies can also offer a “depends on experience,” or “DOE” salary, an approach where employers determine an individual’s pay based on factors like their background and experience.

Published on:
May 6, 2024

Understanding DOE Salaries

A DOE salary, a unique and dynamic compensation approach, is gaining popularity in today's job market. As workers become more diverse and the job market experiences fluctuations, employers are adopting innovative hiring and compensation methods. The DOE approach empowers candidates to showcase their unique skill set and relevant experience, potentially leading to a more lucrative offer. This type of salary is prevalent in technical industries, management roles, and the gig economy.

A DOE salary in a job posting means the compensation is open to negotiation. This allows an employer and candidate to agree on a pay package based on the candidate's qualifications. It also allows businesses to tailor compensation to the unique value added of each new hire.

How DOE Salaries Work

When a job posting mentions a DOE salary, it indicates that the compensation is open to negotiation. The employer typically makes an initial offer, which serves as a starting point for negotiation. Candidates then have the opportunity to negotiate their salary based on their qualifications and skills. Once both parties reach a mutually agreeable compensation package, it is formalized in the employment offer letter.

Negotiations for DOE salaries typically start with an initial offer and aim for a mutually agreeable salary reflected in the eventual offer letter.

The Benefits of DOE Salaries

DOE salaries provide a fair and transparent payment structure for both employers and employees. They offer the potential for cost savings when, for example, taking a chance on a less experienced hire. They also have the potential to expand a business's recruitment net by not driving away qualified candidates who are looking for a specific minimum payment range but rather encouraging top talent to apply and showcase their skills. 

Employees also benefit from this pay structure, especially if they have diverse skills or are good at negotiating. They may receive a more competitive offer compared to a fixed pay rate. Finally, DOE salaries can foster transparency and fairness in a company's hiring process, instilling confidence and security in both parties. 

DOE salaries offer a flexible and fair payment structure that can attract unique talent while fostering a feeling of fairness in a business's hiring process.

Best Practices for Small Businesses

Implementing a DOE salary strategy can be a game-changer for small businesses, offering a unique opportunity to attract highly qualified candidates. To make the most of this strategy, start by aligning on the specific qualifications you're looking for in a role. Consider the absolute must-haves for hire, followed by other nice-to-haves, and then use market data to create a budget for the role. 

When meeting with candidates, communicate transparently about the DOE compensation structure and give a clear overview of factors influencing the final salary offer. This approach can open doors to top talent, bringing a sense of hope and optimism to your recruitment efforts.  

To optimize a DOE compensation offering, small businesses should identify key qualifications they're looking for, set a budget accordingly, and remain transparent to candidates about the compensation structure and factors affecting their final offer.

Main takeaway

A DOE salary "depends on experience" and is determined throughout an interview. Businesses benefit from offering DOE salaries by tailoring compensation to every new hire's unique qualifications. Highly qualified professionals are attracted to positions where they can prove their worth and negotiate their salary to land on a personalized and often highly competitive offer.

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