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How to Hire in Tennessee

How to Hire in Tennessee

Tennessee, known for its rich music scene, delicious barbecue, and stunning Great Smoky Mountains, is also a hub for businesses and job seekers alike. With a growing economy and diverse industries, hiring in Tennessee is an exciting and dynamic process.

At a glance

Tennessee's job market is growing, driven by technology advancements, infrastructure development, and workforce development initiatives. Major industries include music and entertainment, manufacturing, tourism, and healthcare, with small businesses playing a vital role in the state's economy. Employers can find resources through the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development, Tennessee Small Business Development Centers, and Local Workforce Development Boards. Tennessee employment law is unique, with right-to-work and at-will employment, no state income tax, workers' compensation requirements, and anti-discrimination laws. Overall, Tennessee offers a dynamic and growing job market with opportunities for businesses and job seekers alike.

Major Industries and Their Role

Music and Entertainment

Nashville, the "Music City," is home to a thriving music industry, with major record labels, studios, and venues. This sector creates a significant number of jobs in music production, management, and marketing.


Tennessee is a leading producer of automobiles, with companies like Nissan and General Motors having a significant presence. Other manufacturing sectors include chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and food processing.


With its rich history, beautiful landscapes, and vibrant cities, Tennessee attracts millions of tourists each year, generating jobs in hospitality, travel, and recreation.


With a high demand for medical services, healthcare is a growing industry in Tennessee, with major hospitals and medical centers in Nashville, Memphis, and Knoxville.

Small Business Impact

Small businesses play a vital role in Tennessee's economy, accounting for over 90% of all businesses in the state. They contribute to job creation, innovation, and community development, with many entrepreneurs starting their ventures in industries like:

Food and Beverage: Tennessee is famous for its barbecue, whiskey, and craft beer, with many small businesses thriving in this sector.

Creative Services: Graphic design, marketing, and photography are just a few examples of the creative services offered by small businesses in Tennessee.

Retail: From boutiques to outdoor gear stores, small businesses are a staple of Tennessee's retail landscape.

Future of Hiring in Tennessee

Tennessee's job market is poised for significant growth, fueled by three key drivers.

Technology advancements are transforming the state's landscape, with investments in tech infrastructure attracting companies specializing in software development, data analytics, and cybersecurity. This growth is expected to create a surge in demand for skilled professionals in these fields. Infrastructure development is set to create a wave of new job opportunities in construction, engineering, and project management, as the state upgrades its transportation networks and public spaces. Workforce development initiatives, such as the Tennessee Department of Labor's Workforce Development Program, are working to up-skill and re-skill the workforce, preparing it for emerging industries and ensuring that Tennesseans have the skills they need to succeed in the modern job market. With these factors combined, Tennessee is expected to experience robust job growth across various sectors, offering a promising outlook for job seekers and businesses alike.

The state's focus on innovation and workforce development is expected to attract new businesses and talent, further solidifying Tennessee's position as a hub for economic growth and opportunity.

Hiring Resources

Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development: The department attracts investment and expansions to create high-quality jobs and foster economic growth in Tennessee.

Tennessee Small Business Development Centers (TSBDC): TSBDC provides resources, expertise, and support to help small businesses start, grow, and succeed in Tennessee.

Local Workforce Development Boards: Local Workforce Development Boards oversee and coordinate workforce development programs and services in their regions to meet the needs of local employers and job seekers.

Tennessee Employment Law: What Sets it Apart

Tennessee employment law has some unique aspects that differ from other states. One key difference is that Tennessee is a right-to-work state, meaning employees are not required to join unions or pay union dues. Additionally, Tennessee follows the at-will employment doctrine, which means employers can terminate employees for any reason, as long as it's not an illegal reason (e.g., discrimination).

Another significant aspect of Tennessee employment law is the absence of a state income tax. This can impact payroll taxes and employee compensation, as employers do not need to withhold state income taxes from employee wages. Furthermore, Tennessee has a workers' compensation program that requires employers to provide coverage for work-related injuries and illnesses.

Tennessee law also prohibits employment discrimination based on race, gender, age, religion, and disability, among other protected characteristics. Employers must ensure they comply with these laws and regulations to avoid legal issues. Understanding these unique aspects of Tennessee employment law can help employers navigate the legal landscape and create a positive work environment for their employees.

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FAQ about hiring in


Q: What are the top industries for job growth in Tennessee?
A: Technology, healthcare, and manufacturing are expected to experience significant growth in the coming years.

Q: What resources are available for small businesses in Tennessee?
A: The Tennessee Small Business Development Centers, local Chambers of Commerce, and the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development offer various resources, including funding, mentorship, and training.

Q: How can I find job openings in Tennessee?
A: Visit Jobs4TN, the Tennessee Department of Labor's website, or local job boards to search for job openings. Networking with local businesses and attending job fairs can also be effective.

Q: What skills are in demand in Tennessee's job market?
A: Skills in technology, data analysis, and healthcare are highly sought after, as well as soft skills like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.

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