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Campus Recruiting in Louisiana

Campus Recruiting in Louisiana

The article explores how campus recruiting benefits small businesses in Louisiana by accessing fresh talent, building brand awareness, and fostering long-term relationships with universities.

At a glace

Outline strategies such as identifying target schools, participating in career fairs, and offering internships. Resources like Louisiana Economic Development and university career centers are highlighted. Top schools for recruiting, both well-known and overlooked, are discussed, emphasizing their programs and potential for diverse talent. A FAQ section addresses common queries about campus recruiting. Overall, the article guides small businesses in Louisiana on effectively leveraging campus recruiting to enhance their workforce.

Benefits of Campus Recruiting for Small Businesses

  • Access to Fresh Talent: Universities are brimming with young, talented individuals eager to start their careers. Small businesses can tap into this pool to find innovative and enthusiastic employees.
  • Cost-Effective Hiring: Recruiting on campuses can be more affordable compared to traditional hiring methods. Career fairs, internships, and co-op programs provide cost-effective ways to meet potential hires.
  • Building Brand Awareness: Engaging with universities helps small businesses build their brand among students, which can lead to a pipeline of future candidates.
  • Diverse Skill Sets: Universities offer a wide range of programs, allowing small businesses to find candidates with diverse skills and educational backgrounds.
  • Long-Term Investment: Establishing a presence on campus can lead to long-term relationships with educational institutions, providing a steady flow of talent for years to come.

Building a Campus Recruiting Strategy

  • Identify Target Schools: Focus on schools with strong programs relevant to your industry. Consider both well-known institutions and those with niche programs.
  • Develop Relationships: Build relationships with career services, professors, and student organizations. This can lead to better access to top candidates and more effective recruiting events.
  • Participate in Career Fairs: Attend and sponsor career fairs and networking events. This increases your visibility and allows you to meet a large number of potential candidates.
  • Offer Internships and Co-Op Programs: Provide students with practical experience through internships and co-op programs. This allows you to evaluate their fit within your company while giving them valuable work experience.
  • Leverage Social Media and Online Platforms: Use social media and online job boards to reach students. Many universities have platforms where employers can post job openings and internships.
  • Create a Strong Employer Brand: Highlight your company culture, values, and the benefits of working for your business. A strong employer brand can attract top talent.

Top Schools for Campus Recruiting

Louisiana State University (LSU)

Known for its strong programs in engineering, business, and agriculture. LSU is a top choice for many employers due to its large student body and diverse academic offerings.

Tulane University

Renowned for its business, law, and public health programs. Tulane attracts a diverse student population and is highly regarded for its research initiatives.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette (UL Lafayette)

Offers robust programs in computer science, nursing, and engineering. UL Lafayette is known for its research contributions and industry partnerships.

Often Overlooked

Southern University and A&M College

This historically black university has strong programs in engineering, business, and nursing. It’s a valuable source of diverse talent.

Nicholls State University

Known for its programs in culinary arts, marine biology, and business. Nicholls State provides specialized talent that can be a great fit for certain industries.

Louisiana Tech University

Offers strong programs in engineering, computer science, and business. Louisiana Tech is often overlooked but has a high job placement rate for graduates.

Resources in Louisiana

  • Louisiana Economic Development (LED): LED offers various resources for businesses, including workforce development programs and hiring incentives.
  • Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC): LWC provides services to employers, including job fairs, recruitment assistance, and training programs.
  • University Career Centers: Many universities in Louisiana have career centers that assist employers with recruiting. Examples include the LSU Career Center and the Tulane University Career Services.

Attracting Candidates to Your City

Attracting students from top universities in Louisiana to cities outside their immediate campus environment involves highlighting unique career opportunities, cultural experiences, and quality of life offerings. Emphasizing career growth prospects in thriving industries such as technology, healthcare, and energy, alongside specific job openings and internships, can pique their interest. Promoting the vibrant arts and entertainment scene, outdoor recreational activities, and culinary delights of cities like New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Lafayette adds to their appeal. Offering insights into affordable living options, robust public transportation, and community engagement opportunities further enhances the attractiveness of these cities, making them compelling destinations for students seeking post-graduation opportunities and a fulfilling lifestyle.

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FAQ about campus hiring in


Q: What are the key benefits of campus recruiting for small businesses in Louisiana?

A: Campus recruiting provides access to fresh talent, cost-effective hiring solutions, brand awareness, diverse skill sets, and long-term talent pipelines.

Q: How can I identify the best schools for recruiting?

A: Focus on schools with strong programs relevant to your industry, build relationships with career services, and research the school's reputation and graduate success rates.

Q: What are some effective ways to engage with students on campus?

A: Participate in career fairs, offer internships and co-op programs, collaborate with professors and student organizations, and use social media and online job boards.

Q: What resources are available to assist with campus recruiting in Louisiana?

A: Utilize the Louisiana Economic Development (LED), Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC), and university career centers for recruiting assistance and resources.

Q: How can I build a strong employer brand to attract students?

A: Highlight your company culture, values, and employee benefits. Engage with students through internships, co-op programs, and campus events to build your brand's presence.

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