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Campus Recruiting in Oklahoma

Campus Recruiting in Oklahoma

Small businesses in Oklahoma are the backbone of the state's economy, driving innovation and providing employment to thousands. However, many small businesses struggle with finding qualified talent. Campus recruiting offers an effective solution, enabling businesses to tap into a pool of fresh, eager, and educated individuals ready to embark on their professional journeys. This article explores the benefits of campus recruiting, strategies for successful implementation, and resources available in Oklahoma, including an overview of top and often overlooked schools.

At a glace

Campus recruiting offers small businesses in Oklahoma access to fresh, motivated talent while being cost-effective and enhancing brand awareness. By identifying hiring needs, selecting target schools, building relationships, offering internships, and leveraging alumni networks, businesses can develop a successful recruiting strategy. Key resources in Oklahoma include the Department of Commerce and Oklahoma Works. The University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, and the University of Tulsa are top schools, while the University of Central Oklahoma, Northeastern State University, and Oklahoma City University are valuable but often overlooked.

Benefits of Campus Recruiting

  • Access to Emerging Talent: Colleges and universities are teeming with bright, motivated individuals who bring new ideas and energy to the workplace.
  • Cost-Effective Hiring: Recruiting directly from campuses can be more affordable than traditional hiring methods, reducing costs associated with job postings and recruitment agencies.
  • Brand Awareness: Establishing a presence on campuses helps build brand recognition among students, faculty, and the broader community.
  • Long-Term Growth: Engaging with students early can lead to long-term relationships, creating a pipeline of talent for future hiring needs.

Building a Campus Recruiting Strategy

  • Identify Your Needs: Determine the specific roles you need to fill and the skills required.
  • Select Target Schools: Choose schools based on their programs, proximity, and the quality of their graduates.
  • Develop Relationships: Build connections with career services, faculty, and student organizations.
  • Offer Internships: Provide internships or co-op opportunities to give students practical experience and a taste of your company culture.
  • Participate in Career Fairs: Attend career fairs and networking events to meet potential candidates face-to-face.
  • Leverage Alumni Networks: Utilize alumni connections to facilitate introductions and enhance credibility.
  • Create Engaging Content: Develop compelling presentations, workshops, and recruitment materials that resonate with students.
  • Follow Up: Maintain communication with candidates throughout the recruitment process and beyond.

Top Schools in Oklahoma

University of Oklahoma (OU)

Location: Norman, OK
Highlights: Renowned for its business, engineering, and health sciences programs. OU offers a large, diverse student body and robust career services.

Oklahoma State University (OSU)

Location: Stillwater, OK
Highlights: Known for its agriculture, engineering, and business programs. OSU has a strong alumni network and extensive career development resources.

University of Tulsa (TU)

Location: Tulsa, OK
Highlights: Offers top-tier programs in law, business, and engineering. TU has a personalized approach to career services, with strong ties to the local business community.

Often Overlooked Schools

University of Central Oklahoma (UCO)

Location: Edmond, OK
Highlights: Offers excellent programs in education, nursing, and liberal arts. UCO is known for its hands-on learning experiences and strong focus on community engagement.

Northeastern State University (NSU)

Location: Tahlequah, OK
Highlights: Provides quality programs in business, education, and health sciences. NSU emphasizes practical experience and regional partnerships.

Oklahoma City University (OCU)

Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Highlights: Known for its arts, law, and business programs. OCU offers personalized career services and has a strong network within the Oklahoma City area.

Resources in Oklahoma

Attracting Candidates to Your City

To attract students to cities across Oklahoma, businesses can emphasize the unique advantages and opportunities these locations offer, such as lower cost of living, strong community support, and a high quality of life. Highlighting the availability of affordable housing, recreational activities, cultural attractions, and local events can make these cities appealing. Additionally, showcasing the professional growth opportunities within the company, coupled with potential partnerships with local colleges and universities for continuing education, can further entice students. Providing relocation assistance and emphasizing a welcoming, inclusive work environment can also play a crucial role in attracting students to these vibrant yet often overlooked areas.

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FAQ about campus hiring in


Q: What types of positions are best suited for campus recruiting?

A: Entry-level roles, internships, and co-op positions are ideal for campus recruiting. These positions allow students to gain practical experience and grow within your company.

Q: How can I make my business stand out to students?

A: Offer unique learning opportunities, clear career progression, competitive compensation, and a positive work culture. Engaging presentations and a strong presence on social media can also enhance your appeal.

Q: What is the best time of year to start campus recruiting?

A: Begin in the fall, as this is when most schools host career fairs and students are actively seeking internships and job opportunities.

Q: How can I measure the success of my campus recruiting efforts?

A: Track metrics such as the number of applications received, the quality of hires, retention rates, and feedback from both candidates and hiring managers.

Q: Are there specific industries that benefit more from campus recruiting?

A: While all industries can benefit, those in technology, healthcare, engineering, and business often see significant advantages due to the high demand for new graduates in these fields.

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