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Campus Recruiting in Nevada

Campus Recruiting in Nevada

Small businesses in Nevada face unique challenges in finding top talent. One often overlooked yet highly effective method is campus recruiting. Engaging with local universities can provide a steady stream of motivated and educated candidates who can bring fresh perspectives and skills to your company. Here’s how campus recruiting can benefit your small business, along with a strategy to maximize its effectiveness and a look at some key institutions in Nevada.

At a glace

Small businesses in Nevada can benefit from campus recruiting, a cost-effective way to find qualified candidates and build a strong employer brand. By researching top schools, establishing relationships with career services, and creating an internship program, businesses can attract top talent. While Las Vegas and Reno are popular hubs, other cities in Nevada offer unique advantages and opportunities. To attract students to these areas, businesses can highlight the benefits of smaller cities, emphasize local industry and job markets, partner with local organizations, leverage technology, and offer incentives and support.

Benefits of Campus Recruiting for Small Businesses

  • Access to Emerging Talent: Universities are filled with students who are up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in their fields.
  • Cost-Effective Recruitment: Compared to traditional recruiting methods, campus recruiting can be more affordable and can reduce hiring costs.
  • Building a Pipeline: Establishing relationships with schools can create a sustainable pipeline of candidates for future positions.
  • Fresh Perspectives: New graduates bring innovative ideas and diverse perspectives that can help invigorate your business.

Building a Campus Recruiting Strategy

  • Identify Your Needs: Determine the skills and qualifications that are essential for your business. This will help you target the right programs and departments within universities.
  • Develop a Presence: Participate in career fairs, offer internships, and engage in on-campus events to increase your visibility.
  • Create Internship Programs: Internships allow you to evaluate potential employees while giving students valuable experience. They can also lead to full-time hires.
  • Network with Faculty and Career Services: Building relationships with professors and career centers can provide insights into top students and upcoming graduates.
  • Offer Competitive Packages: While you might not match large corporations in salary, offering unique benefits like flexible working hours, professional development, and a positive work environment can be attractive to students.
  • Utilize Alumni Networks: Connect with alumni groups to find recent graduates who might be interested in your openings.

Most Credited Schools in Nevada

University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)

Programs: Strong in business, hospitality, and engineering.
Resources: The UNLV Career Services offers various recruiting events, job postings, and on-campus interviewing facilities.

University of Nevada, Reno (UNR)

Programs: Renowned for its engineering, business, and medical programs.
Resources: UNR provides access to career fairs, resume books, and direct connections with departments.

Often Overlooked Schools

Nevada State College

Programs: Known for nursing, education, and liberal arts.
Resources: Career services at Nevada State College facilitate employer connections through job fairs and targeted recruitment events.

Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC)

Programs: Offers a range of technical and vocational programs that are tailored to industry needs.
Resources: TMCC provides cooperative education and internship programs, which are excellent for small businesses seeking practical skills.

Resources for Campus Recruiting in Nevada

  • Nevada Career Studio: A statewide resource that connects employers with students across Nevada’s higher education institutions.
  • Career Fairs: Both UNLV and UNR host annual career fairs that attract a wide range of students.
  • Internship Programs: Utilize internship programs at community colleges like TMCC to find students with hands-on experience.

Attracting Students to Other Cities

Highlight the benefits of a smaller city

Lower cost of living
Tighter-knit community
Outdoor recreation opportunities
Potential for greater impact and responsibility in a smaller organization

Emphasize the local industry and job market

Showcase the city's specializations (e.g., tech in Henderson, agriculture in Fallon)
Share success stories of local businesses and entrepreneurs
Offer internships or job shadowing experiences to give students a taste of the local work environment

Partner with local organizations and schools

Collaborate with local chambers of commerce, economic development agencies, and schools to connect with students
Develop programs to engage students in community projects, fostering a sense of ownership and connection to the area

Leverage technology to reach a broader audience

Utilize social media and virtual job fairs to connect with students across the state
Create engaging content highlighting the benefits of living and working in your city

Offer incentives and support

Provide relocation assistance or signing bonuses
Offer mentorship programs or networking opportunities to help students establish a professional network
Highlight local amenities and attractions that appeal to students' interests

Cities to Consider

  • Henderson
  • Sparks
  • Carson City
  • Fallon
  • Elko
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FAQ about campus hiring in


Q: How can small businesses compete with large corporations in campus recruiting?

A: Focus on what makes your business unique. Offer personalized experiences, flexible working conditions, and opportunities for rapid growth and development. Small businesses can provide a closer-knit community and more meaningful work experiences that large corporations often cannot.

Q: What should I include in an internship program?

A: Structure your internship program with clear objectives, mentorship opportunities, and real-world projects. Provide feedback and potential pathways to full-time employment to make the experience valuable for both the student and your business.

Q: How can I build a relationship with universities?

A: Start by attending career fairs and networking events. Reach out to career services and faculty in relevant departments. Offer to participate in or sponsor events, workshops, or seminars to increase your visibility on campus.

Q: Is it worth recruiting from lesser-known schools?

A: Absolutely. Often, students from lesser-known schools are highly motivated and eager to prove themselves. These institutions also offer specialized programs that can meet specific needs of your business.

Q: How do I ensure a diverse pool of candidates through campus recruiting?

A: Partner with a variety of schools and departments, engage in diversity-focused career fairs, and offer scholarships or internships to underrepresented groups. Emphasize your commitment to diversity in all recruiting materials and interactions.

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