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Top Employers in Oklahoma

Top Employers in Oklahoma

Oklahoma, known for its diverse economy and business-friendly environment, hosts a range of top employers from various sectors. For small businesses, understanding the competitive landscape, the major players, and the state’s economic allure is crucial for strategic planning and growth. Dive into the importance of researching competitors, highlights top employers in Oklahoma, explores how the state attracts these employers, and discusses the appeal of owning a business in Oklahoma.

At a glance

Oklahoma's business-friendly environment, characterized by tax incentives, supportive regulations, and robust infrastructure, makes it an attractive location for top employers like Devon Energy, Chesapeake Energy, and INTEGRIS Health. Small businesses in Oklahoma benefit from understanding these major players for market insights, strategic planning, and innovation. Additionally, the state's low cost of living, strong community support, and strategic location further enhance its appeal for business owners, providing ample opportunities for growth and collaboration.

Importance of Researching Competitors

  • Market Insight: Understanding who the key players are provides insight into market trends and consumer preferences.
  • Strategic Planning: Knowing competitors' strengths and weaknesses allows small businesses to identify gaps in the market and opportunities for differentiation.
  • Benchmarking: Assessing competitors’ performance helps in setting realistic goals and benchmarks.
  • Innovation: Learning from competitors can inspire innovation and improvements in products, services, and operations.

Top Employers in Oklahoma

Devon Energy Corporation

A leading energy company headquartered in Oklahoma City, specializing in oil and gas exploration.

Chesapeake Energy Corporation

Another major player in the energy sector, also based in Oklahoma City.


The state's largest healthcare system, offering extensive medical services across Oklahoma.


With significant operations in Oklahoma City, Boeing is a major employer in the aerospace sector.

Oklahoma State University

As one of the largest educational institutions in the state, OSU employs thousands in Stillwater.

Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores

Headquartered in Oklahoma City, this retail chain is a significant employer in the retail and services sector.

How Oklahoma Attracts Top Employers

  • Tax Incentives: The state offers various tax incentives and credits to businesses, encouraging investment and expansion.
  • Business-Friendly Regulations: Oklahoma has a regulatory environment that favors business operations and minimizes bureaucratic hurdles.
  • Workforce Development: Initiatives to develop a skilled workforce through education and training programs make the state attractive to employers needing qualified talent.
  • Infrastructure: Robust infrastructure, including transportation networks and utilities, supports business operations and logistics.
  • Quality of Life: A low cost of living, affordable housing, and a variety of recreational opportunities make Oklahoma an appealing place for employees to live and work.

The Appeal of Owning a Business in Oklahoma

  • Cost of Living: The lower cost of living translates to lower operating costs for businesses.
  • Supportive Environment: State and local governments actively support small businesses through grants, loans, and advisory services.
  • Strategic Location: Centrally located in the U.S., Oklahoma offers logistical advantages for distribution and transportation.
  • Community and Networking: A tight-knit business community provides ample opportunities for networking and collaboration.
  • Economic Diversity: The diverse economy provides stability and various opportunities across different sectors.
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FAQ over employing in


Q: Why is it important for small businesses to research their competitors in Oklahoma?

A: Researching competitors helps small businesses understand market dynamics, identify opportunities for differentiation, set realistic benchmarks, and drive innovation.

Q: Who are some of the top employers in Oklahoma?

A: Some of the top employers include Devon Energy Corporation, Chesapeake Energy Corporation, INTEGRIS Health, Boeing, Oklahoma State University, and Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores.

Q: How does Oklahoma attract top employers?

A: Oklahoma attracts top employers through tax incentives, business-friendly regulations, workforce development programs, robust infrastructure, and a high quality of life.

Q: What makes Oklahoma appealing for owning a small business?

A: The appeal includes a lower cost of living, supportive business environment, strategic location, strong community and networking opportunities, and a diverse economy.

Q: How can small businesses leverage the presence of top employers in Oklahoma?

A: Small businesses can leverage the presence of top employers by identifying partnership opportunities, understanding market demands influenced by these large employers, and attracting talent who may seek smaller company environments.

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