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Last updated on:
June 28, 2024
The kennel industry is a vital part of our society, providing essential care and services to our furry friends when their owners are away. Kennel assistants play a crucial role in ensuring the health, happiness, and well-being of animals in their care. As a small business owner in the kennel industry, it's essential to understand the importance of a well-crafted job description when looking to hire a new kennel assistant. A clear and concise job description will help attract the right candidates, ensure they understand their responsibilities, and set expectations for their role, ultimately leading to better care for the animals and a more efficient operation.

Understanding the Role

Understanding the role of a Kennel Assistant is crucial to hiring effectively. This vital team member is responsible for the daily care and well-being of furry friends, from feeding and exercising to cleaning and providing emotional support. By grasping the demands and responsibilities of this position, you'll be better equipped to identify the ideal candidate who can provide top-notch care, ensuring the happiness and health of your canine clients.

Key Responsibilities

When it comes to hiring a Kennel Assistant, a clear and concise job description is crucial to attracting the right candidate for the role. By outlining the key responsibilities, you'll not only ensure that applicants understand the expectations of the job, but also help your new hire hit the ground running from day one.

Assist with the daily care and maintenance of kennels, including cleaning, disinfecting, and restocking supplies as needed
Provide exceptional care to animals, including feeding, exercising, and administering medication as prescribed by veterinarians
Monitor animal behavior and health, reporting any concerns or issues to senior staff members
Assist with animal intakes and releases, ensuring all necessary paperwork is completed accurately and efficiently
Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of animal care and health
Collaborate with other kennel staff to ensure a safe, clean, and welcoming environment for animals and visitors alike

Qualifications and Skills

When crafting a job description for a Kennel Assistant, highlighting pivotal skills and qualifications can make all the difference in attracting top talent to your small business. By emphasizing the essential skills and qualifications required for the role, you'll increase the chances of drawing in candidates who are not only passionate about animal care but also possess the necessary expertise.

Experience handling and caring for dogs of various breeds and sizes
Knowledge of canine behavior, body language, and emotional intelligence
Ability to lift 50 pounds and stand for long periods
Certification in pet first aid and CPR
Excellent communication and customer service skills
Familiarity with kennel software and management systems
Insights into the Job Market

As an employer in the pet care industry, you're likely no stranger to the importance of finding top-notch talent to care for the furry friends that come through your doors. And with the demand for kennel assistants on the rise, now is the perfect time to snag the best candidates for the job! According to the BLS, the number of kennel assistant job positions is expected to increase by 15.5% from 2022 to 2032, making it a growing field with plenty of opportunities.

But what can you expect to pay these valuable team members? The average national annual compensation for kennel assistants comes in at $33,530, with an average hourly rate of $16.12. While these numbers may vary depending on your location and the specific needs of your business, they provide a solid benchmark for creating a competitive compensation package.

By staying ahead of the curve and understanding the trends shaping the kennel assistant job market, you can position your business for success and attract the best talent in the industry. So don't wait – start building your dream team today!

Crafting the Perfect Job Description

Attracting top talent to your kennel requires a job description that showcases the role's responsibilities, benefits, and opportunities for growth. A well-crafted job description is essential to enticing quality candidates to apply for the open Kennel Assistant position.

When crafting a job description, it's crucial to provide a clear and concise overview of the role, highlighting the key responsibilities, skills, and qualifications required. This will help potential candidates understand the job's expectations and determine if they're a good fit.

By including essential details and showcasing your kennel's unique culture, you'll increase the chances of attracting a quality candidate who is passionate about animal care and eager to join your team.

Clearly outline key responsibilities: Instead of just listing tasks, provide specific examples of the daily duties the Kennel Assistant will perform, such as feeding, walking, and providing enrichment activities for dogs.
Highlight opportunities for growth: Emphasize any training or certification programs you offer to help the Kennel Assistant develop their skills and advance in their career.
Emphasize your kennel's unique culture: Share your kennel's mission, values, and work environment to give candidates an idea of what it's like to work with your team.
Include essential skills and qualifications: Specify the necessary experience, education, and certifications required for the role, such as animal handling experience or a high school diploma.
Add a touch of personality: Use a friendly and approachable tone to make your kennel stand out and show candidates that you value their individuality.
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As a small business owner looking to attract top Kennel Assistant talent, it's essential to know what other employers are offering to stay competitive in the job market. You're not alone in the pursuit of finding the best candidates, and understanding the benefits packages of other companies can help you tailor your own to stand out from the crowd. Here's a snapshot of what some top companies are offering:

Petco: Comprehensive health insurance, 401(k) matching, paid time off, and employee discounts on pet supplies and services.
Banfield Pet Hospital: Competitive salary, medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401(k) plan, and opportunities for professional growth and development.
VCA Animal Hospitals: Medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401(k) plan, paid time off, and a comprehensive employee assistance program.
Mars Petcare: Global minimum standard for paid parental leave, flexible working arrangements, and a range of well-being programs to support physical and mental health.
PetSmart: Competitive hourly rates, paid time off, employee discounts, and opportunities for advancement and professional development.

By understanding what these companies are offering, you can create a benefits package that not only attracts top Kennel Assistant talent but also supports the well-being and growth of your employees.

How to find
Kennel Assistant
qualified candidates

Finding the right Kennel Assistant can be a daunting task, but with the right resources, you can attract top talent to your team. Here are the top categories to find qualified candidates:

Job Boards

General job boards like Indeed and LinkedIn Jobs that cater to a wide range of industries and job types.

Professional Associations

American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) -
National Animal Care and Control Association (NACA) -
International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) -

Social Media and Online Communities

Facebook groups like Pet Sitters International and Animal Care Professionals
Online forums like Reddit's r/petcare and PetGroomer Forum where pet care professionals connect and share knowledge.

By utilizing these resource categories, you'll increase your chances of finding a qualified and passionate Kennel Assistant to join your team.


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